APFSCIL Darts – Division 1 2014/15


Last season we ventured into the unknown of Division 1 following our promotion as runners up. Due to the uncertainty of the situation at the Sekforde it was decided we would move home and base ourselves at the Old China Hand. It is not your run of the mill pub and boasts a “crazy landlady”, so crazy that she jumped on a train from Bath at 5pm to play darts for us in a cup game!!


We weren't sure what to expect with higher standard and were the bookies favourites to be relegated at the end of the season!


We started off with an unexpected home win (7-4) v Derby County but followed that up with a 9-2 away defeat at Leicester City and 8-3 home defeat to eventual runaway champions Nottingham Forest. We then got back to winning ways with a shock 6-5 home win over Leicester City which signaled the start of a 7 match winning run including 1st round and Q/F victories in the Cup. The run came to an abrupt end with a 6-4 defeat to Sheffield Wednesday in the Cup S/F and was followed up with narrow 6-5 loss to eventual bottom club Bolton and another 8-3 loss to Nottingham Forest. We then concluded the season with 7-4 wins over Sunderland and Rotherham.


The season ended with us comfortably in 3rd place and only 4 points behind runners up Leicester City. Europa League next season!!


It was a long season with 12 league games and 3 cup games being 4 games longer than previous 2 seasons and we only played the final game last Monday!


Stricter rules regarding player numbers and forfeiting legs made for added complications in trying to arrange games although when we only had 5 players only one side asked us to forfeit a singles leg.


We used 10 players last season and 5 of those made their debuts. Brian “I'm going to have to send these new darts back as they must be faulty, they keep going into the 1 and 5!” Green played 5 games, Rowena the crazy landlady from the OCH played twice, Rob and Lesley the current landlords of the Sekforde played 5 of the last 6 games and without their help we would have struggled to fulfil those fixtures …. and Rob was also responsible for our 2 180's of the season – both scored in the game v Sunderland!


Woody and myself were the only players to play in all 15 games closely followed by Dave Parker with 13 and Len Watt on 12.


Dave Parker led the finishes with 22, followed by Len 17 and Woody 14.


Highest finish was 117 by Len Watt.



As ever we will be in desperate need of some new players able to play fairly regularly. Unfortunately we had to resort to “Ringers” to get us through the season. Rob & Lesley may well be unable to play as Rob is thinking of joining the league with an Everton team!!!!!


So, if there is anyone interested in playing then please come forward. Without sufficient players the team may not be viable and cease to exist.






Player Statistics




APFSCIL Darts – Division 1 2015/16.


After our move of pubs to the Old China Hand last season we faced another dilemma over the summer; whether to remain at the OCH or move to the Horseshoe which was now being run by Rob who was the final manager at the Sekforde Arms. Having mulled it over (as it turned for too long) we decided to switch to the Horseshoe which is a darts centric pub and also home to a number of the other APFSCIL teams and is the venue for the Singles and Pairs competitions.


After last seasons surprising 3rd place finish I was hopeful we might yet again survive although the 2 sides (Sheffield Wednesday & Scunthorpe United) coming up from Division 2 were both fairly strong sides so it would still be tough going.


Our first match v Sunderland ended in an 8-3 defeat which largely set the tone for much of the season as our second game v Scunthorpe (home) was even worse losing 9-2! Our next game was Scunthorpe (away) and a eclectic mix of players featuring an American and a New Zealander managed to secure a 6-5 win. The run didn’t last and just four days later we lost to Rotherham 6-5 to end the first part of the season. The second half didn’t fare any better with a narrow (6-5) 1st round cup defeat to Nottingham Forest followed by two defeats by Leicester 7-4 and 6-5, a 6-5 loss to Sunderland and another 9-2 defeat this time to Nottingham Forest. Our last four games resulted in 2 narrow 6-5 wins over Sheffield Wednesday but in between those we lost 6-5 to Nottingham Forest and 8-3 to Rotherham.


We ended the season in last place 3 points behind Sheffield Wednesday and 11 points from safety.


Despite playing 2 games less than last season the season felt much longer. We struggled for a settled side and in the end we ended up using 15 different players many who had never played for us before. If it hadn’t been for Rob and Lesley’s (Horseshoe) contacts we would have seriously struggled to get games played in a timely manner. Apart from the final game we did manage to field a full team in the other fixtures.


There was only one player who played in all 13 games (I need my head looking at) followed by Ian Wood on 11, Len Watt 10 and Dave Parker 8.


A telling statistic this season was the leading finishers were Nick Brooks and Len Watt (17 last season) both on 10 followed by Dave Parker with 7 (22 last season).


Highest finish was 100 by Dave Bateman closely followed by Len Watt with 96. One strange statistic was that we only had 4 double 1 finishes compared to 14 last year.


There were no 180’s during the although Dave Parker hit one in the Pairs Knockout.




As always we are on the look out for members to come forward and join in so if there is anyone interested in playing then please come forward. Without sufficient players the team may not be viable and cease to exist.

























Player Statistics